Golf Cart Batteries

Why Choose Diypow Golf Cart Batteries?

Diypow's lithium iron phosphate batteries for golf carts are 36v & 48v golf cart batteries consisting of high quality Grade A cells.

It is easy to maintain and reliable, so you don't have to worry about any hassles. One of its best features is its fast charging capability, which is 5 times faster than regular lead-acid batteries. This means you'll spend less time waiting for your battery to recharge and more time enjoying your golf cart. Diypow's Lithium Iron Phosphate golf cart battery is half as light as a traditional lead-acid battery. It can reduce the weight of your golf cart by 300-400 pounds and experience better golf cart handling, less wear and tear and lower maintenance costs.

Do I need a special charger to charge my batteries? In theory, we recommend that you use a 36V 20A lifepo4 battery charger & 48V 15A lifepo4 battery charger, which is a special charger for golf cart batteries to charge them more safely and quickly.

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Diypow 36V 60AH  Drop-In SLA Replacement Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Battery Pack

Diypow 36V 60AH Drop-In SLA Replacement Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Battery Pack

$749.99 USD$779.99 USD
Diypow 36V Battery for Golf Cart Meet the 60 Ah 36 V lithium batteries for golf carts, the battery is half the weight of a lead-acid battery and can be...
Diypow 36V 120AH  Drop-In SLA Replacement Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Battery Pack

Diypow 36V 120AH Drop-In SLA Replacement Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Battery Pack

$1,329.99 USD$1,359.99 USD
Diypow LiFePO4 Golf Cart | Trolling Motor Battery 36V 120Ah Lithium Battery 4608WH Meet the 120 amp-hour 36-volt golf cart lithium battery, which is half the weight of a lead-acid battery...
Diypow 36V 20A LiFePO4 Battery Charger

Diypow 36V 20A LiFePO4 Battery Charger

$269.99 USD
This is a 36 volt, 20 amp charger for lithium batteries, which is designed for fast charging of large batteries, it can charge any LiPo battery at a rate of...
Diypow 48V 100AH Drop-In SLA Replacement Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Battery Pack

Diypow 48V 100AH Drop-In SLA Replacement Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Battery Pack

$1,329.99 USD$1,359.99 USD
This 48V (Volt) LiFePO4 battery is a tough product from Diypow that will help double the run time of your golf cart or electric cart, while lasting 4 times longer and...
36V 100AH Diypow Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Battery Pack  Low Temperature Protection

36V 100AH Diypow Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Battery Pack Low Temperature Protection

$1,499.99 USD$1,199.99 USD
Diypow LiFePO4 Golf Cart | Trolling Motor Battery 36V 100Ah Lithium Battery 3840 Wh - 3 Batteries Our 36V golf cart batteries are made from our legendary lithium iron phosphate...
36V 200AH Diypow Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Battery Pack  Low Temperature Protection

36V 200AH Diypow Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Battery Pack Low Temperature Protection

$2,499.99 USD$2,159.99 USD
Diypow LiFePO4 Golf Cart | Trolling Motor Battery 36V 200Ah Lithium Battery 7680 Wh - 3 Batteries Our 36V golf cart batteries are made from our legendary lithium iron phosphate...


It is every golf cart user's dream to enjoy a perfect swing between the greens on the golf course. Then again, the safety of using traditional golf cart batteries and battery degradation affecting range is also a headache for the course.

Fortunately, Diypow as a lithium battery manufacturer has the best golf cart lithium batteries, these deep cycle batteries have continuous discharge output, 10 times longer life, 1/3 lighter weight and the longest run time and cycle life, making your golf cart will become more agile and comfortable, giving you power and confidence in every swing.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and upgrade your golf cart battery to get the best out of every shot.

More Application Scenarios

Diypow lithium battery

Lithium Golf Cart Batteries Benefits

⚡Lasts 4-6X Longer

Lithium batteries last so long (4-6 times longer than lead acid) that a 36V (volt) lithium battery pack will help you play twice as long as your golf cart or electric cart while lasting 4 times longer, providing exceptional lifetime value.

⚡Charges 5X Faster

The lead-acid battery takes 6-12 hours to charge, while your golf cart is still waiting. Charging your lithium iron phosphate battery only requires 2 hours. This saves you time to play more holes of golf. We have a dedicated 48V golf cart charger available for you.

⚡High Discharge Current

100A max continuous pulses, 650A max pulses 10 sec pulses, 1000 CCA per cell. Flat discharge voltage profile provides 75% greater capacity than a comparable SLA cell. For carts with controllers greater than 200 amps, Diypow 48V 200Ah is recommended.

⚡Up to 70% Lighter

No more climbing uphill or accelerating! Increase speed with lightweight lithium (more room for people and gear).

⚡Bluetooth Monitoring

Don't worry about battery power. With our Bluetooth monitoring lithium battery, you will always know exactly how much power is left.

⚡Maintenance Free

No need for frequent checking or watering. No additional products needed to keep your batteries in their best condition. Lithium Power saves you time and money!

Types of Golf Cart Batteries

⚡Lead-Acid Golf Cart Batteries

Lead acid batteries are one of the most common types of batteries used in golf carts. The benefit of these traditional batteries is that they are the cheapest option and are easy to maintain. However, they tend to have a shorter lifespan than more advanced golf cart battery types, usually only about 2 to 5 years. Lead acid golf cart batteries are also heavy and are not an ideal feature in such a small vehicle.

⚡AGM Golf Cart Batteries

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries have absorbable electrolytes and glass fibre plates inside, allowing them to be charged five times faster than conventional lead-acid batteries and preventing leakage, which can corrode and shorten battery life. These batteries require little maintenance and can last six to seven years. One downside is that they are a more expensive option, which can really add up to the cost when you repair a fleet of golf carts

⚡Gel Lead-Acid Golf Cart Batteries

As its name suggests, the gel lead acid battery uses a gel to suspend the electrolyte inside the cell. Electrons can flow from plate to plate through the gel, providing leak-proof protection and minimal maintenance. This design also helps this type of golf cart battery power through extreme temperatures, especially cold weather, which can shorten the life of most golf cart batteries. However, these batteries do not offer the fast charging of AGM.

⚡Lithium-Ion Golf Cart Batteries

Smaller and lighter lithium ion golf cart batteries are a more expensive upfront investment, but can offer better savings in the long run. These batteries are known to have a long life span, usually over 10 years and with proper care up to 20 years. Lithium-ion batteries require very little maintenance as you do not need to add water. Compared to other golf cart batteries, Diypow lithium ion batteries have a lower self-discharge rate, allowing them to sit longer without becoming depleted of power.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are LiFePO4 batteries better than other batteries for a golf cart?
2. Is a 48V LiFePO4 battery better than 36V?
3. Can I connect more than one battery in parallel?
4. Do you have to give golf cart battery water?

Golf Cart Batteries Buying Guide

Golf carts using lithium-ion batteries also have a lighter weight, which means greater energy efficiency and a longer range. They are also able to be recharged faster and get enough charge in a short time to continue using them.

The lower self-discharge rate means that the charge is maintained even after long periods of parking, thus reducing the time required to recharge before use. In addition, lithium-ion batteries have a longer cycle life and can undergo more charge and discharge cycles without significant loss of performance.

The following are frequently of interest to users:

1. What are golf cart batteries?

Golf cart batteries are a specific kind of deep-cycle batteries. Deep cycle batteries are batteries intended to be discharged to a majority of their fraction to provide long-lasting and consistent power.

2. Are lithium-ion batteries safe for golf carts?

Yes, lithium-ion batteries are safe for golf carts when used and maintained correctly. However, following the manufacturer’s instructions for charging and storing lithium-ion batteries is essential to ensure their safety.

3. How long do golf cart batteries typically last?

A properly maintained lithium-ion golf cart battery can last 10-20 years.

4. Can you use regular car batteries in a golf cart?

The short answer is yes. A standard car battery is 12 volts, and you can connect three or four batteries in series to provide the required 36 or 48 volts to your golf cart motor.

However, car batteries are designed to provide a huge surge of current in a short period of time. The purpose of a car battery is to provide power when you start the engine. After that, the alternator takes over and powers all the electronics in the vehicle. Repeatedly draining a standard car battery to less than 50% will quickly destroy it.

So while you can technically use standard car batteries in a golf cart, they probably won't last very long.

Alternatively, deep cycle batteries are explicitly optimized to provide a steady current output over a long period of time and repeated deep discharges. This makes them a better choice for golf cart applications.

5. Can you use 4 12-volt batteries in a 48-volt golf cart?

The answer is generally a resounding yes. By using four 12-volt batteries in series combination, you can easily gain the 48-volt power needed to successfully power a golf cart.

Golf Cart Batteries

6. How many lithium batteries do I need for a 48V golf cart?

The most common voltage options for your golf cart are six, eight and twelve volts. 48-volt carts can use six, eight or twelve volt batteries. If you have a 48-volt cart, you can choose from Diypow 48V 100Ah deep cycle lithium batteries or 4 x 12V 100Ah batteries. 

7. How far should a 48-volt golf cart go on a full charge?

Electric golf carts have an average range of 8-10 miles using lead-acid batteries. Lithium batteries can travel up to 100 miles on a single full charge.

8. Can you replace regular batteries with lithium batteries in a golf cart?

Lithium batteries are significantly lighter than traditional lead acid batteries, making them easier to handle and reducing maintenance costs. They are designed as a direct replacement for most 48V golf carts, making them a convenient option.

9. How do I know what batteries my golf cart needs?

Its volt electrical drive system will have a 36V or 48V system. To find out which type your cart takes, check the battery compartment. There will be 3, 4, or 6 holes. Multiply by two, and that is your cart's voltage capability.

What Our Customer Say

Based on 29 reviews
NIce battery

More practical than a AGM lead battery for me. Much lighter (30 lbs). Can be discharged 100 % , compared to 50% on an Lead acid - so really equivalent to 200Amp-Hr (and then only 1/4 weight!).

Good battery for now

The vendor delivered the product sooner than expected and in great condition. Will use the battery to power a 12V 55Ibs trolling motor. So far, I am very happy with the product.

Double the power. Half the weight...!

EDIT: Tonight I cooked my dinner and used the oven for an hour and twenty minutes while I was watching TV with my mini PC on for streaming. This battery had more than enough juice to do all that with power left to spare.

I also have a 55 Quart 12V dual zone refrigerator and freezer connected and it runs 24 Hours a day.

This battery is incredibly powerful. It doubled my capacity and is half the weight. I also purchased the Diypow charger and am able to top it off in a very short time. I mainly purchased the setup for cooking while I'm on the road and I can use my 3-In-1 Galanz for about 40 minutes or so before I have to give it a little juice. My old setup used 4, 100 deep cycle batteries and didn't hold a candle to this Lifpo4 setup. I can definitely see myself getting a couple of these for our off-grid camp next spring. If you're in doubt, take the risk and go for it. You won't be disappointed. Almost forgot to mention that their customer service is outstanding. I did have several questions before I placed my order and they responded very quickly. I've been using this for about a month. Simply Great!

Only use these batteries if you know what your doing!

The Battery is rated at 50AH and on first discharge pulled 51AH down to 10.6 volts. Your getting the full rated capacity.
Its very light compared to the 45AH Lead Acid battery it is replacing.
No fumes or acid to deal with since this battery is inside the vehicle with people(trunk fender well to be exact)
LiFePo4 chemistry is a direct 12v Pb replacement.

Good price

Battery arrived early and after testing it and hooking it up, everything looks good. The seller emailed me after delivery to see if I had any concerns which was nice.

satisfactory for dry camping

Used with another same battery in a camper to get more days of service.

For my trolling motor on the beach

More power , light weight , charge lasts so much longer on my trolling Motor its amazing !!

Quality product and good customer service

I installed this in my 19ft RV connected to a 200w solar system and a 2000w invertor. So far works great, we're able to run the coffee maker, toaster and the 900w microwave in the morning. I may upgrade to 400w of solar to help speed up charging but so far it seems to be holding out really well. I've ordered a battery monitor to help manage the available power.

Excellent battery

I previously had a pouch cell 48v battery pack that lasted for about 1 year before it started holding less and less of a charge and started swelling. This battery has been excellent and seems to drain much slower that the pouch type battery packs. DIYPOW has excellent communication and shipping speed. The battery seems to be well made and came in well-cushioned packaging. I am using it on a 48v 1500w atv and it has no problem handling extended periods of max throttle. 5 star battery and company. Great battery and BMS for electric vehicles and I highly recommend it.

These batteries are exellent

These batteries are excellent so for. I purchased (4) 300Amp hour batteries.
They are 1/3 the weight of my old lead acid battues witch only lasts about 6 years.
I have them installed in series with a Schneider electric 4KW inverter:
They are also connected to a 15KW off-grid Generator (Generac).
If it has raining for days like it has been in Southern California, the 15KW off-grid Generator (Generac)
auto turns on to power up the potteries when they are lower than 50% capacity., So we are never with out power.
They batteries charge up many times quicker than my old lead acid batteries.
We have plenty off power with out 12 350 Watt solar panels.

very good battery, sooo happy convenient shipping, excellent product!

Works great for my diy solar system

Lithium battery for kayak trolling motor

Just because its an off brand, dont let it fool you. I use two of these to make 24v for my trolling motor for my kayak. Its an NK-180 motor. I run 14+ miles at 84% throttle! I had no issues, going on over a year now of frequent use. For trolling motors they work great. Im using a Noco two bank charger to charge them on the Lithium charger setting.

4 Pcs CATL 302AH Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Battery Cells
Karl Jensen
They look good and tested good.

The battery arrived intact and was one of the best matches of the 16 sets I encountered; voltage (0.003V Delta) and internal resistance (0.22 ohms - identical), most of the sides are flat with no swelling, and most importantly the soldered terminals have studs so you don't have to use tools to install the studs yourself. The bus bars are plated real copper, but I use 2/0 jumper diagonals to avoid straining the terminals. I will be doing a capacity test after the top is balanced and my expectations are very positive. nicole answered my questions and was very prompt in keeping in touch.

Update 4/19/23.
I did a quasi-capacity test and they far exceeded expectations. Conditions: 630 lbs compressed, top balanced. Running/starting at 56 volts (3.5 volts per section) and ending at 48 volts (3 volts per section). Loads ranged from 60 to 30 amps (normal house load) with two different meters showing results of 305 and 298 amp hours. Yes, there is more room at the top and bottom of the charge, which would allow for more capacity. Deltas are less than 0.008 at the flat of the curve during charging (60 amps) and discharging. less than 0.060v Delta at both ends. the balancer only starts working when each cell exceeds 3.4 volts. Float at 3.4 volts. Absorption/end charge 56.2 (3.512 volts per cell).

Great Quality

Put these in the RV. They have worked very well and we are happy to move away from our wet / lead acid batteries. Really liked the sturdy side post connectors for the wires hooking up to the batteries. Very sturdy.

I recommend 100%

I love this battery so far. I have it connected to a 36v minnkota trolling motor and I can have it on for 9-10 hours so far. Customer service is also A++

Arrived promptly

Arrived promptly & in excellent condition. Thanks!!!

These are incredible batteries.

I have lived off grid solar for 33 years and these batteries (I have three) are great. With the help of a Diypow inverter I can now use a dishwasher, microwave, clothes washer and dryer and large tv all powered by the Sun. These batteries offer the greatest bang for the buck.

Great LFP battery

I didn't rip it apart to check the BMS, but I've run it through a number of charge/discharge cycles now and it's been a champ. So far, so good. What is there to say? It acts like a 48V LFP battery pack.

One thing I will note, and this applies to all LiFePO4 (LFP) batteries, is that the BMS should always be viewed as a final fail-safe and not generally be relied on for over-volt and under-volt protection, because such protections may cause it to trip while current is flowing and that is never good for these FET power switches. It is always better to program your charge controllers with slightly lower voltage limits and always better to program other logic to shut equipment down when the battery is exhausted first, then "pull the plug" with a battery protect device, and make the breakers trip at slightly lower amperages, and not rely on the BMS in the battery itself pulling the plug for you. If you want your batteries to last, that is.

I will update the review after a few months of operation.

4 Pcs CATL 302AH Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Battery Cells
Very well matched set

The four cells are perfectly matched in voltage (<5mV variance). The vendor was very communicative during the international shipping crisis and got us the batteries as fast as was possible under the circumstances. Interesting that they fit perfectly in an Airstream Basecamp battery box with room for a BMS.

Very compact

Bought this to replace the same capacity AGM in my van conversion. Very compact and light weight compared to my 80lb AGM. Superior packaging and clearly written instructions. Arrived double boxed. Very impressed with the quality. Contacted the seller about charging and got an immediate response. Only time will tell if there is going to be an issue with the bms. Set my mppt solar controller to lithium and seems to be going the job charging to spec. Cant beat the price really, I paid almost this much for my AGM battery.

Trailer life

Excellent battery so far very happy survive the whole winter. Everything still working good first battery Ive had that actually last excellent battery perfect.

I'm loving the product

Although it took awhile for the battery to get to me I am very impressed with it. I put installed it into my 36 volt EZGO golf cart and it's terrific. Top speed hasn't changed much but acceleration has and I'm very surprised that I have played 36 holes and the volt meter has barely moved from from full without recharging. So far I would highly recommend it for a golf cart.

4 Pcs CATL 302AH Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Battery Cells
Don Owen
Good Cells

Ordered the 8 counts 310AH cells to set up a 24-volt system to a cargo trailer conversion. The shipping was very fast for me. Did a capacity test and got the full 310AH. After a couple of days of testing, I had a cell go bad. Howard help me troubleshoot the cell and we figure the cell did go bad. They then made things right without question and replace the cell at no cost to me. plan to order more in the future.

Perfect replacement for lead acid

Replaced two 58 Ah lead acid batteries with this 200Ah Diypow battery. I dont even plug trailer in anymore when Im home, its been 8 days now running 12 volt fridge and battery is still at 84%. Trailer has 1 -195 watt solar panel attached to roof and I have a 150 watt panel on a stand that I used to set up to help charge batteries, but I havent needed to use it with the new battery. So far I love this battery and May pick up a second one.

Does as advertised

I thought the BmS was faulty because it only charged to 52 volts. I decided to to test it anyway , so I charged it up to 52 volts let it sit overnight and tested it at its resting voltage of 49.8 volts this morning, I was so surprised to see the results, it stayed steady between 49 and 50 volt for hours as I was averaging around 6amps then it stayed between 48 and 49 volts for hours. I pulled 4KWH and it was still at 48.3 volts. Its a great battery , its well built has good dual positive and negative connections.