How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last

If you have a golf cart, you're probably wondering how long the golf cart battery will last? It's a normal thing to wonder.

What is Golf Cart Batteries?

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last

Golf carts are essential for hauling clubs and other equipment across expansive courses, but they can also be useful in many other applications. They are useful for traveling on large properties, such as college campuses or wedding venues, and for some users they are just a pure pleasure to travel with.

Golf cart batteries are the repair item our customers with electric cart owners worry most about purchasing because they are expensive to replace, but completely necessary to run their carts.

But owning an electric golf cart doesn't mean you're afraid to replace your batteries! When we analyze the cost of batteries over the life of an electric cart, the costs are surprisingly similar when compared to the cost of filling up on gasoline and maintaining a battery for a gas golf cart.

The Importance of Golf Cart Batteries

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last

If you live on or near a golf course in a golf course community, driving to and from the golf course places high demands on the performance of your golf cart's battery, including capacity, longevity, and charging speed. In some cases, driving to the golf course, playing a round of golf, and then driving home is the equivalent of 2-3 rounds of golf for a fleet of vehicles.

An optional 19.2 mph speed code 4 can really impact the overall range, longevity, and performance of a deep cycle golf cart battery.

Deep cycle battery packs in golf course fleet applications get higher average usage than privately owned golf carts. During peak seasons, carts play 2-3 rounds of golf per day, while privately owned carts play 3-5 rounds of golf per week (sometimes more depending on the number of people using the cart). This shows how important it is for both golf clubs and cart owners to have a deep cycle golf cart battery that charges quickly, lasts a long time, has high capacity and is lightweight!

Types of Golf Cart Batteries

You can choose from different types of golf cart batteries such as lead-acid, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), Gel Lead Acid or Lithium Ion. These batteries have different benefits, some perform better in extreme weather while others last longer

Lead-Acid Golf Cart Batteries

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last

Lead acid batteries are one of the most common types of batteries used in golf carts. The benefit of these traditional batteries is that they are the cheapest option and are easy to maintain. However, they tend to have a shorter lifespan than more advanced golf cart battery types, usually only lasting about 2 to 5 years. Lead acid golf cart batteries are also heavy, which is not an ideal feature in such a small vehicle.

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Golf Cart Batteries

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last

AGM batteries for golf carts have an absorbent electrolyte and glass fiber plates inside that allow the batteries to charge up to five times faster than traditional lead-acid batteries and prevent leakage, which can corrode and shorten battery life. These batteries require little maintenance and can last six to seven years.

The one downside is that they are a more expensive option, which can really add up to the cost when you're servicing a fleet of golf carts. There's even a sophisticated golf cart battery water fill system.

Gel Lead-Acid Golf Cart Batteries

As its name implies, a gel lead acid battery uses a gel to suspend the electrolyte inside the battery. Electrons can flow from plate to plate through the gel, providing leak-proof protection and minimal maintenance. This design also helps this type of golf cart battery power through extreme temperatures, especially cold weather, which can shorten the life of most golf cart batteries. However, these batteries do not offer the fast charging of AGMs.

Lithium-Ion Golf Cart Batteries

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last

Smaller, lighter lithium-ion golf cart batteries are a more expensive upfront investment, but can provide better savings in the long run. These batteries are known to last a long time, usually over 10 years, and up to 20 years with proper care.

Lithium-ion batteries require very little maintenance because you don't need to add water. Self-discharge can be an issue with other golf cart batteries, but lithium-ion batteries have a lower self-discharge rate, allowing them to last longer go farther.

What Is The Best Golf Cart Battery

There are many types of golf cart batteries and each has its advantages and disadvantages. You can find 6-volt golf cart batteries, 8-volt golf cart batteries or 12 volt deep cycle batteries for golf carts available for 36v golf cart batteries or 48v golf cart lithium battery conversion kit. Using a 6-volt golf cart battery usually improves run time, but you will need more batteries for the golf cart, which will add weight and make installation more difficult.

Unlike car batteries, golf cart batteries do not automatically "recharge" during use. As a result, golf cart batteries require more abuse to drain and recharge frequently, often resulting in a reduced lifespan.

As mentioned earlier, the two main types of golf cart batteries are traditional lead acid (and its variants) and modern lithium batteries. Overall, it's clear: Lithium batteries have the edge, not only for those who want to know how long a golf cart battery will last, but for other needs as well. Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of this valuable technology.

Why Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries Are Ideal For Golf Carts?


  • Upgrading to lithium batteries can offer golf cart owners a variety of benefits. First, lithium batteries are smaller and lighter than lead acid batteries. This can help reduce weight or free up space in a shopping cart. It can also increase battery capacity for the same overall weight. Lithium batteries charge three times faster than lead acid and can be fully discharged without damage. Meanwhile, lithium deep cycle battery is die hard golf cart battery.
  • The lithium batteries are designed as sealed cells, which means they require no maintenance after installation. Perhaps most importantly, they last much longer than traditional batteries. This means you spend less time worrying about maintaining your golf cart and more time enjoying it!
  • The  lithium batteries have 3 times the capacity of regular batteries, which means you can go much farther on a charge. Lithium also doesn't suffer from Peukert losses, which means they will actually propel you more than 3 times farther than a similar lead-acid setup.
  • What’s more, lithium batteries is maintenance free golf cart batteries

 How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last

Non-toxic, environmentally friendly and absolutely safe. Putting it in your golf cart will allow you to go farther run longer!



Unfortunately, there is no getting around the fact that lithium golf cart batteries are more expensive than lead acid. This makes sense because they are a newer technology and last longer. As a result, many homeowners find that the extra cost more than pays for itself over the extended life of the battery.

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last

Golf cart battery life is an important consideration for golf cart owners.

With proper care and the use of a golf cart battery charger, your battery should last up to 6 years with regular use. A high quality golf cart battery charger (like the ones we sell on our website) will provide the correct amount of current when charging your cart and have an automatic shut-off feature (so you don't burn out your cart's battery).

Most importantly, proper maintenance is also very helpful in extending the life of your golf cart battery.

Maintenance Free Golf Cart Batteries

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last

Charge Properly

When charging club car golf cart batteries, make sure you only charge the battery for 8 to 10 hours at a time. Overcharging will damage the battery until it is full, rather than letting the golf cart charge all the time when it is not in use. Proper Use trickle charger for golf cart batteries.

Don't Let The Battery Run Down

When you don't want to overcharge your golf cart battery, you also want to avoid draining the battery as well. Ideally, you want to keep the battery at least half charged and no less than 20% charged. Optimal charging limits will be provided by the battery manufacturer, so follow these instructions closely to extend the life of your battery.

Keep The Golf Cart In A Warm Place

With the exception of gel batteries, most golf cart batteries cannot withstand cold weather. Cold temperatures can drain the battery. Store your golf cart in a warm garage or other storage space and try to avoid driving in extreme temperatures. You can use a trickle charger during the colder months to keep rechargeable batteries from being overcharged.

Minimizing Battery Strain

While it may be fun to ride your golf cart around the course or over the hills around the property, stick to straight, flat trails whenever possible. Climbing hills requires more power from your battery, and doing this often can drain your battery faster.

Regular Battery Checks

If you want your batteries to last longer, regular checkups will help you catch problems early. Lithium iron phosphate batteries need to be checked once every 6 months.

Don't Always Go The Cheap Route

Batteries are the one part of your golf cart you don't want to save. Cheap batteries almost always have a shorter life span. Aim for a mid to high priced model with a proper warranty. These batteries can last 6-10 years if properly maintained. Invest now to save money and headaches later.

How Often Do Electric Golf Cart Batteries Need To Be Replaced?

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last

What happens when a golf cart doesn't seem to have the power it once had? Maybe you're spending more time charging your golf cart, or you can only travel a fraction of a second before your golf cart dies. Are you using gas powered golf cart battery?

There are many signs to look for when a golf cart battery is about to run out, and it helps to know the signs that it's time to replace it.

Slow Charging Times

Over time, your golf cart battery may take longer and longer to recharge. You may notice that the battery takes a few extra hours to recharge compared to normal, or it may take all day to get back on the track. If your battery takes more than 8 to 10 hours to charge, it is likely nearing the end of its life.

Poor Acceleration

When you step on the gas, you want the golf cart to start moving. If the golf cart is struggling to accelerate when you step on the gas, this could be a sign of an aging battery. You may also notice that the golf cart is having a harder time climbing hills than usual.

Shorter Distances Traveled

Your gas golf cart batteries used to go several miles a day before it needed to be charged. Now, it only goes a mile or two before it cuts out or the golf cart battery can last a much shorter charge. This is another indicator that you need to replace your golf cart battery. Golf cart batteries should be strong enough for at least a few rounds of golf around the golf course.


You drive your golf cart away from the storage area, but notice that it has left a puddle. This could be a sign of a leaking lead-acid battery. Lead-acid batteries leave behind toxic chemicals that are harmful to you, your property, and the environment. If you notice a battery leak, it's important to clean up the leak and replace the battery as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Visible Battery Damage

In addition to battery leakage, there are many other visible signs of battery damage. The battery may have corrosion or may be cracked or swollen. Corrosion can lead to more and more expensive damage such as causing the terminals to fall off or causing the battery casing to rupture. Charging a battery can generate heat, and over time this can cause the battery to swell. Visible damage, including corrosion, cracks or bulges are common signs of wear and tear on older batteries.

These above signals mean you will be replacing golf cart batteries.


Q: How to Extend the Life of Your Golf Cart Battery?

In the golf community we get this question all the time. Unfortunately, it's one of the hardest questions to answer. The correct answer is: "It all depends on how you take care of them." Why is that? Lithium golf cart batteries require some basic maintenance, using the correct charger, storing your golf cart battery in a warm, dry place, and also making sure that the pack is fully charged and never in a discharged state (plugged in after each use or round of golf).

Q: What Is Best Battery Charger For A Golf Cart?

If you are looking for the best battery charger for your golf cart, we highly recommend a lifepo4 battery charger with specific voltage chargers. For 36 volt lithium golf cart batteries and lithium golf cart batteries 48v conversion kit. Whether your model is e-z go golf cart batteries 48 volt, or yamaha battery charger golf cart, or club car golf cart lithium battery conversion kit, this charger will work. Warm tips, if your cart has a 36-volt voltage, then you’ll need 36v lifepo4 battery charger; if your cart has a 48-volt voltage, then you’ll need 48v lifepo4 battery charger;

Conclusion on How Long Golf Cart Batteries Last

Batteries are an important part of your golf ball, powering it up the hills and down the straightaways. With proper care and maintenance, your battery is an investment that will last for years.

By following your manufacturer's guidelines, charging after each use, properly using a lithium iron phosphate charger, and storing in a warm place, you can easily enjoy up to ten years of use out of a battery.



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