How to Make Lifepo4 Battery Pack?

12V 200AH LiFePO4 Battery Production Process

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries have many advantages, such as being lightweight, having high capacity, and long lifespan. These features make them especially suitable for a wide range of applications, including boats that need to float for long periods at sea, golf carts, and more. One of the key advantages of LiFePO4 batteries is their low weight. Today introduce Diypow trolling motor battery, please see below blog.

Battery Cell Configuration

For lifepo4 battery 12v 200ah, we use Prismatic LiFePO4 battery cells to make series and parallel to a completed battery pack. For 12v lithium ion battery, we use 3.2V 100Ah battery cell, 4S2P (4 series 2 parallels); Use a fixture to make the battery cell neat and flat; Separate the batteries with epoxy plates for insulation. Everything You Need To Know About LiFePO4 Battery.

Fixing Frame

Put on 2 sheet metal frames, these frames are used to constrain the shape of the battery to make it compact.

Laser Welding

  • Use customized welding mold to fix the welding position;
  • Putaluminum bus bars on the welding terminal;
  • Start Welding with by Laser Spot Welder, use an Aluminum rod to press the bus bars for fixing and soldering in place, there will be no false welding

Small Screw with Welding Plate

After welding the bus bars, put small screws with the welding plate, these components are for welding the signal acquisition wires. Install the ribbon cable welding piece in the aluminum hole in turn, and lock it with an electric screwdriver with screws.

Weld Signal Acquisition Wires

Tin the connecting piece on each small screw, and solder the wires.

Test the Wires Connection

Add an Epoxy board on the side( BMS position), for thermal insulation and insulation; Use a tester to test the wires connection if weld properly.

Connect BMS

Connect negative and positive cables between the battery and BMS by screws; Use 3M8934 fiber tape to tight the BMS

Wire Winding Storage

Use a Wire winding tube to arrange/sort out the wires, to protect and collect the wires; Use 3M8934 fiber tape to fix the wires

Stick EVA

Stick EVA on two sides and the top side; protect the BMS and the aluminum bus bars.

Testing by Testing System

Connect positive and negative cables, tested by the testing system to check correct welding and assembling; (Battery pack voltage, Battery internal resistance, etc.) Textured sticker wraps the terminal avoiding short-circuit;

Black Soft Glue + Epoxy Board Packaged

Put the black soft on the solder joints of the flat wires and the wiring of the positive and negative output wires; After sticking the foam glue, wrap the battery with fiberboard; After wrapping the fiberboard/epoxy board, use blue Mara glue to close the fiberboard interface, and then reinforce it with fiber glue.

EVA Foam+ Battery Housing

Use EVA foam to stick around the battery pack; Black Soft is applied to the bottom of the shell.

Aging Test

Connect the P+ C+ of the aging cabinet to the positive pole of the battery module, and P- C- to the negative pole of the battery module. The positive and negative terminals should be separated to avoid short circuits of the battery. Each battery module must be affixed with a corresponding serial number to query the aging data.

Battery Housing Cover

Paste black foam on the upper part of the battery, and align the foam position with the two horizontal sides of the upper cover, so as not to play a fixed role when sealing the cover.

  • Connect the output wires of the battery module to the terminals of the upper cover with screws, red to red and black to black.
  • Use a pneumatic gluer to apply black silica gel to the sealing groove of the shell and the terminals.
  • After the upper cover is covered, wipe off the excess silicone squeezed out with a white cloth, then place it in the designated area, and finally put on the handle


The battery is wrapped with thick foam and packed in a carton; 1 battery pack/carton.


The above is the whole production process of DIYPOW LiFePO4 12V 200AH battery, if you want to know more models of diypow, welcome to contact us, we support customization.


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