What is the QR code on LiFePO4 cells?

As technology continues to advance, it has become more important to be able to quickly and easily access important information. This is particularly true in the world of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, where a QR code can provide a wealth of information about the cell's specifications, performance, and safety features. So, what exactly is a QR code on LiFePO4 cells and how can you read it?

QR Code Guideline

A QR code on a LiFePO4 cell is a small square-shaped code that can be scanned using a smartphone or tablet. These codes typically contain a variety of information about the cell, including its capacity, voltage, discharge rate, and any safety features or certifications it may have.

Where to Find QR Code

LiFePO4 cells come with a metal QR Code (Data Matrix) affixed to the cell body in close proximity to the poles. This is a standard feature of all newly manufactured cells.

Metal QR Plate of CATL 302Ah Cell


Instructions on How to Input a QR Code

The metal QR plate contains a code consisting of 24 bits (or 19 bits for recycled cells) that is typically divided into two sections. It is important to correctly concatenate these sections in order to obtain a valid code. Occasionally, certain cells may include extraneous letters that are not part of the code, and these should be disregarded. To illustrate, consider the following example:


Code of CATL 302Ah Cell: Combine part 1 (001cb2400000) and part 2 (03b3c0221953) to get 24 bits code 001cb240000003b3c0221953

Code of EVE 280K Cells: Combine part 1 (04qcb76836300j) and part 2 (bc40000903) to get 24 bits code 04qcb76836300jbc40000903


How to Check If Your Code is Right

  • The code length must be 24 or 19.
  • The 4th letter of the code is for the product type. It must be:
  • C for battery cell
  • P for battery pack
  • M for battery module
  • The 4th letter must not be a letter other than C, P, or M.

For Example:

  • A765101015 (Wrong Code)
  • jbc4000090304qcb76836300 (Wrong code order, 4th letter is 4)
  • 04qcb76836300jbc40000903 (right code, 4th letter is c)

What Cells Are Supported

Gobel Power Battery QR Decoder utilizes the "Battery Coding Standards" mandated by the Chinese Government as the basis of its decoding algorithm. This enables the decoder to decipher any codes that adhere to this standard, including those corresponding to LiFePO4, Ternary, LTO cells, modules, and packs.

At present, the decoder can reveal crucial information such as the production date, product type, battery type, and voltage (for cells only) for all codes. Additionally, it can decipher manufacturer and capacity information for EVE cells and certain CATL cells.

EVE LF280K QR Format

How do I read a LiFePO4 QR code?

To read a LiFePO4 QR code, you need to have a QR code scanner app installed on your phone or use a scanner device. Simply open the app or device and point it toward the QR code, and the information will be automatically displayed on your screen. Reading the QR code can be a quick and convenient way to ensure the authenticity and quality of your LiFePO4 battery, and to optimize its performance and lifespan.




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