LiFePO4 Battery Care Guide – Increase Life of Lithium Battery

Are you looking for a durable and high-performing battery? Well! It is the right time to buy lithium batteries. Read our LiFePO4 battery care guide to choose the best lithium battery!

Ways to Take Care of Your LiFePO4 Battery

Though lithium ion batteries available have been used for many years, these are still used as a popular battery type in many applications. Such as Lithium Marine Batteries,Trolling Motor Batteries, Golf Cart Batteries. Special thanks to the high performance and durability of the battery. The lifepo4 battery lifespan is long. 

So you may use these batteries for almost 10 years or more with a warranty. But make sure to store and charge the battery. The following are some tips to keep your battery performing for many years:

Tip 1: Never overcharge/discharge a cell!

The main reason why your battery fails soon is overcharging and discharging. Experts never suggest you charge your battery above the limit. So avoid overcharging your battery. The reason is even a single overcharge may damage the battery. This way, you can’t claim for warranty and replacement. Make sure to check the lithium battery absorption time.

The battery has an in-built lifepo4 battery system. It ensures that the battery is safe and under limited charging. Moreover, this system balances the voltage in the battery.

The charging limit for lithium batteries is 3.5-3.6 V per cell. In comparison, the absolute charging is 4.2 V per cell. Never overcharge the battery; otherwise, it will reduce lifespan. Not only this, there are many chances that your battery will get fire.

When your battery gets damaged and catches fire. It means the EV doesn't take responsibility for it. The following are some reasons for overcharging:

  1. Absence or lack of a proper protection system
  2. Fault in the protection system of a LiFePO4 Battery
  3. Improper installation of the protection system

EV Works is not responsible for the use of a protection system. Not only is overcharging damaging, but over-discharging is also damaging. Make sure to disconnect the load when a cell is empty or at 2.5 V. When the cell reaches 2.0 V or less, and it shows mild damage. But you may recover this damage. While when the battery is completely empty. It means you can’t recover the damage.

LiFePO4 Battery Care Guide


Tip 2: Clean your terminals before installation

The battery terminals are created from aluminum and copper. So when you expose the battery to air, these chemicals start building an oxide layer. So when you have to install the interconnectors and BMS, make sure to clean the terminals properly using a wire brush. This way, you can remove oxidation. While if an ionic lithium battery has copper connectors, you should also clean them.

After cleaning the battery and other areas, you see improvement in conduction. Not only this, there are minimum chances of heat buildup. If the heat starts building up, it may melt the plastic of terminals and damage the system.

Tip 3: Use the right terminal mounting hardware

Cells with M8 terminals use 20mm long bolts. In comparison, the cells with 6M terminals use 15 mm bolts. So make sure to check the depth of the cell. This way, you may get assurance that the bolts are near but don't hit the hole. Moreover, you need to have a spring washer and a flat washer. You may also ask the experts for lithium battery recycling.

Make sure to check the terminals and bolts after installation. If possible, check the bolts after a week if these are tight. In comparison, the loose terminals may cause high resistance and more heat.

LiFePO4 Battery Care Guide


Tip 4: Charge frequently and shallower cycles

LiFePO4 Battery is the most famous type of battery. These are more durable and powerful compared to other batteries. The reason for the fame of batteries is that these are used in many applications. So, make sure to maintain the battery to increase lifespan.  

The best solution to increase the lifespan of a battery is to avoid over-discharging. It is good to stick to 70-80% depth of discharge.

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How to Properly Store and Maintain A Lifepo4 Battery To Prolong Its Lifespan?

The main reason for damage to lithium batteries is the wrong storage. Make sure to store the battery properly. This way, you may improve the health and lifespan of the battery. While for a long lifespan, you need to maintain and charge the battery properly.

The following are some steps to increase the lifespan of a 100 ah lithium battery:

  • Make sure to focus on proper lithium battery charging
  • Make sure to store the battery properly
  • Never place the battery in a dominant state
  • Avoid using power apps that require more battery

Mistakes to Avoid with LFP Lithium Batteries

Mistakes are a part of life. It means you may commit a mistake at any stage. Similarly, some users commit mistakes in battery maintenance, storage, and others. It means the mistakes affect the deep cycle lithium battery life and health. The following are some mistakes you should avoid:

  • The lithium-ion and lead batteries are not the same. So never follow the guidelines of a lead battery to maintain a lithium battery. Similarly, never follow the guideline of a lithium battery to store the lead battery. Never use the "LiFePO4 battery charger for the lead battery.
  • The lithium battery has less discharge rate. So it doesn't discharge when you store it. It is not necessary to fully charge the battery before storage. Fully batteries are at more risk of damage if you don't use them for a long time. In comparison, lead batteries may easily discharge in storage. So, you have to charge again and again.
  • Never overcharge or overcharge the lithium batteries. Always charge the battery at its limits. Now there are many high-quality batteries with the best type. All these have in-built BMS. But still, these may suffer from damage because of overcharging.
  • Dirty LiFePO4 Batteryshow hurdles in current flow during run time. So it is necessary to clean the battery properly for proper current flow.
  • It is not a good idea to throw off the cells after swelling. It is a common issue that may occur often. The reason may be overcharging and discharging of a battery. So these may interrupt performance.

Conclusion LiFePO4 Battery Care Guide:

Now is the right time to buy lithium batteries and focus on lifepo4 battery care, as these are durable and high-performing batteries. So, many electronic users prefer these batteries rather than lead batteries.

Though these batteries are costly, a worthy option, the battery is the better option for both normal and heavy use. So, don't wait anymore and buy the right battery from the right source. Hopefully, you will get the battery of your dreams.

The plus point of the LiFePO4 Battery is that it is safe. It is also designed for users with heavy use. So you may use it for many hours without causing any damage. In comparison, the lead batteries are completely opposite. These are neither safe nor for heavy users. To increase the lifespan of the battery, make sure to store and charge it properly. Find the right lithium batteries for sale.

FAQs About LiFePO4 Battery Care Guide

How do you prolong the life of a LiFePO4 battery?

The first step to maximizing the lifespan of a battery is proper storage. Make sure to store the battery in a cool and dry place. Make sure to keep the temperature almost 15-20 degrees Celsius. Never store the LiFePO4 Battery at extremely high temperatures. Otherwise, high temperatures will damage the cell and minimize lifespan.

What are the best practices for LiFePO4 batteries?

Make sure to charge the lithium iron phosphate battery before the 20% charging point. However, more discharge cycles don't cause any damage to the battery. But for the proper function of the battery, the management system requires a voltage.

How do you take care of a LiFePO4 battery?

Never store the battery at high temperatures. Make sure to store it when the battery is full if you have to store the battery for a long time. Then it is necessary to disconnect all wires. This way, there is no load to discharge the battery.

What is the cycle life of a LiFePO4 battery?

Commonly the best lithium battery handles almost 3000-5000 cycles at 80% depth. In comparison, lead batteries may handle only 1000 cycles.

What is the best temperature for a LiFePO4 battery?

The lithium batteries work properly at a temperature above 10 degrees centigrade. When the temperature is almost 15 degrees centigrade, at this stage, the rated capacity is achieved. While at 25 degrees centigrade, the state high than rated capacity is achieved.

What are the charging limits for LiFePO4?

The charging limit for LiFePO4 Battery is 3.5-3.6 V per cell. In comparison, the absolute charging is 4.2 V per cell. Never overcharge the battery; otherwise, it will reduce lifespan. Not only this, there are many chances that your battery will get fire.

Can you leave a LiFePO4 battery on charge?

The best thing is that the partial state of charge doesn't damage the lithium batteries. So you don't need to worry that you have to charge the battery instantly after use. Moreover, you don't need to drain the battery before charging.

What Makes LiFePO4 Batteries Maintenance Free?

The internal chemistries are the reason to enjoy maintenance-free lithium batteries. In the batteries, iron phosphate is used as a cathode. It means iron phosphate is safe and causes no damage. Moreover, the lithium polymer battery doesn't require electrolyte top-up. In comparison, lead batteries require electrolyte top-up.


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