How to Choose A Lithium Battery For Your Trolling Motor

Choosing the trolling motor battery to power your boat accessories can be one of the most daunting experiences in boating. In this article we'll cover how to choose the best trolling motor batteries so you can get out on the water with confidence.

Types of marine batteries for trolling boat motors

One of the first things you will notice when choosing a battery is how many options there are and the advantages and disadvantages of each. The three most common types of marine batteries you will find liquid-rich lead-acid batteries (sometimes called wet cells), lead-acid batteries, AGMs, and lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4).(What Are Lifepo4 Batteries?)


These batteries are inexpensive for short periods of time and can be recharged many times. However, they are also easily damaged and must be constantly maintained to avoid problems. It is very important to check and replenish the water level every few weeks or you could damage your battery. In addition, leaks can cause damage to the marine environment and pose many safety issues.


Gel batteries are popular because they don't need to be charged as often and can be stored for long periods of time without losing their life. The downside to them is how expensive they are compared to other batteries that have the same RC and MCA. Charging gel batteries can also be an annoying process. The charge cycle can be very slow and you have to disconnect the battery charger in the field once it is done. Not doing so can cause irreversible damage and require a new battery and a whole lot of money down the drain.


These batteries do not require a lot of maintenance and rarely leak. However, the upfront cost is expensive, and if they do require maintenance overuse is difficult to achieve a balance of internal components. In all likelihood, you will only need to buy a brand new battery. They also require more battery charging because they can only be discharged to 50% , while Li-ion batteries can be put to maximum capacity.


Comparing lithium batteries to other batteries is like comparing an iPhone to a flip phone. Both options will work, but one clearly has better reliability, functionality and design. Lithium batteries save a lot of money over time, they last longer, last up to 10 years, are much lighter, maintenance-free, and non-toxic to the environment. Especially lithium-ion batteries.

They are the only deep cycle trolling motor battery on the market today that use Bluetooth technology. This eliminates any guesswork or worry. With our lithium batteries for trolling motors (unlike other batteries), you know exactly how much power is left.

It is worth noting that whatever type of battery you choose, you will want to make sure you find a 'deep cycle' battery. This will be clearly labelled and what it really means is that the battery is designed to use less energy over a longer period of time. Diypow have best lithium trolling motor battery, which are half the weight and four times the energy of conventional batteries. Choose from the best 12v 100ah lithium battery for trolling motor to suit your traction machine.

How to Choose A Lithium Battery For Your Trolling Motor

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How to choose a lithium battery?


What type of battery do I need to run my trolling boat motor?

Most electric trolling boat motors can use any deep cycle 12 volt marine battery. However, for maximum runtime and service life, we recommend using lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. Here are 5 reasons:

  • Diypiow Lithium LiFePO4 batteries will provide twice to three times the runtime. More runtime means more fishing time.
  • Diypow Lithium batteries last longer and are replaced less often. You no longer have to worry about the fear of running out of power in the middle of the ocean. I know that feeling!
  • Diypow is 60% lighter than deep cycle lead acid batteries. A lighter weight means greater maneuverability and speed. When you need to recharge, the batteries are easier to carry around.
  • Diypow's lithium iron phosphate can operate down to minus -4℉ (-20 degrees Celsius), meaning you can power your boat in the summer and your ice fishing gear in the winter.
  • With Diypow, you need fewer batteries. Lithium iron phosphate has a flat voltage curve. This means that the voltage does not drop as you use the battery. Historically, if you use deep cycle lead acid batteries to power a trolling motor, you can only use half the capacity of the battery before the voltage is too low to run the motor. With Diypow batteries you can use the full capacity of the battery, which means that a 100 Ah battery in a Diypow battery is equivalent to 200 Ah in a lead acid battery.

Marine lithium batteries are specifically designed for use on boats, and because the panels are heavy and also because of the complex structures often found on them, they are well able to withstand. Best marine battery for trolling motor.

How to Choose A Lithium Battery For Your Trolling Motor


Should I buy a 48V lithium battery or four 12V batteries in series?

  • Advantages of a single 48V battery
  • Complete single day runtime. A Diypow 48v 30 amp hour (Ah) LiPo battery can provide a full day of run time for a trolling motor in a river. On lakes, or at low power settings, some anglers have reported run times of 2+ days.
  • It is easy to install. Easier to charge. Easier to use.
  • Super light weight. Upgrading from four 12V AGM or lead acid batteries in series to one 48V battery will take hundreds of pounds off your boat.
  • Advantages of a four 12V batteries wired in series
  • Runs for many days on a single charge. The first choice of our customers who love to fish is the 3x 12v 100Ah in series. Professional staff have found that they can fish for more than 2 days on a single charge and hold their position in heavy currents.
  • More uses. 36V is not your absolute choice either. If you change your motor in the future, you can still use the same battery pack. For example, transitioning a trolling motor from a Diypow battery 36V to a Diypow 24V battery can be done by connecting 2 12V200 in series to make 24V200 amps.
  • It can be repurposed for other uses. Many caravans and boats, as well as off-grid electrical systems, use 12V. If you decide you want a different trolling motor, then you can also choose the Diypow 12V 50AH battery.
  • Safety/redundancy. The Diypow 36V 60Ah battery pack offers 5 times the life and a low self-discharge rate. This provides redundancy when you are fishing in more remote locations, or late at night, or when you are the only boat on the water.

How to Choose the Right battery for trolling motor

When shopping for a lithium battery for your tractor, you need to consider amperage and voltage. The larger the tractor, the more battery capacity you will need.

Below is a reference for tractor weight and battery purchase.

How to Choose A Lithium Battery For Your Trolling Motor


BMS – Battery Management System

Protect yourself from disappointment and scams. Buy the right battery from a reputable source. Also, check whether the battery has a built-in battery management system.

This system is the best thing to maximize the lifespan of the battery. Not only this, but the system also ensures the safety of the battery. It means the voltage of the battery remains the same. Moreover, the system stops discharge during high temperatures. In comparison, stop charge during freezing temperature.

Besides, the management system protects the battery from high currents. But make sure that the output is more compared to the motor's amp.

The management system also balances the battery voltage. So, the lithium trolling motor battery 36v always runs on the same voltage.

How to Choose A Lithium Battery For Your Trolling Motor

Choose Your Voltage

Commonly the best 12v 100ah lithium battery for the trolling motor is in use. In comparison, the number of batteries may change based on the voltage of the motor.

If you have to run the 12 V motor, then a single 12 V battery is enough. While to run the 24V motor, you need to have 2 batteries means 24 volt trolling motor battery. More same-size batteries have much capacity and range.

For a 55 lbs. or less thrusting motor, it is recommended to use one 12-volt battery. While for motors above 55 lbs., it is good to use two 12-volt batteries. Always find the right lithium marine batteries near me.

Pick the Right Capacity

As lithium batteries may easily discharge deeply down to 80%. So, it is possible for you to choose the small size and right capacity battery.

A 50Ah best lithium battery for trolling motor provides 40Ah capacity. This capacity is equal to the 100A traditional battery. It means using lithium batteries; you may power the motor for 1 hour.

Maximum Discharge Rate

Another main factor is to check the discharge rate. Always choose the battery with more output compared to a trolling motor.

Commonly the best lithium battery for the trolling motor is rated as 1c. It shows the discharge current is equivalent to capacity. It means the 60Ah is discharged at 60Amps.

Warranty and Support

Usually, lithium batteries have 10 years of warranty. But make sure to check the small prints and make your own result.

Most of the time, the makers ask you some questions. These may be how to charge your lifepo4 battery? How have you used your lithium boat batteries? All these questions make you feel confused.

So, it is always the best idea to check reviews of the battery. You may also get word of mouth and advice from some experts.

Advantages of Lithium Batteries

The following are common benefits of the best lithium battery for trolling motors:

Longer Lasting Power

A lithium-ion battery has more power compared to traditional acid batteries. Therefore you may run the motor twice on the lithium battery.

While the acid battery allows you to run the motor at half speed and capacity, it means you have to keep two batteries to gain maximum capacity.

Moreover, never discharge the marine lithium batteries less than 50%. Otherwise, you will need to replace the battery early.

Longer Life Expectancy

The lifespan of lithium batteries for trolling motors is longer. It means your investment is worth it. A reliable lithium battery may handle 3000-5000 charge/discharge cycles. At 3000, the discharge capacity goes to 80%.

When you have a reliable acid battery, it handles only 200-300 cycles. At 300, the discharge capacity goes to 50%. When the battery goes to 20%, there are more chances of damage. It means you may only run the battery for 30-50 cycles.

No More Battery Sulfation

Sulfation is a process in which lead sulfate crystals start accumulating on the lead batteries. This issue is common when you don't charge the battery fully. It is why lead batteries fail to run for a long time.

Here comes the best lithium battery for trolling motors. The batteries are free of the Sulfation process. It means more run time, long charging time, and battery life.

Lower Weight

Lithium batteries have 65% less weight compared to acid batteries. Therefore, these batteries only take up less space.

Keep in mind that a lightweight battery is high performing, faster, and controllable. Moreover, you may easily carry lithium batteries for boats.

Flat Voltage Curve

The bad thing about the traditional battery is that it has more voltage drop. As a result, there is less thrust. It means the motor will stop even if the battery has some power.

While the best thing about lithium battery is that it has less voltage drop. It means the lithium boat battery shows more thrust. As a result, your motor will run for a long time.

Faster Charging Times

Commonly the lead batteries may be charged at 10-30% capacity. It means you may charge the 100Ah battery at 30 or less than 30 amps.

While the lithium trolling motor battery 12v 100AH may be charged at 100% capacity, this capacity is almost 3 times more than lead batteries.


Useful tips

When it comes to choosing a trolling battery, it's up to you to find the best one for your boat. If you want to get the most out of your traction machine and avoid any maintenance, it is advisable to invest in a lithium battery. LiFePO4 Battery Care Guide – Increase Life of Lithium Battery

Some useful tips for maintaining lithium batteries include

  • Charging the battery after each use
  • Store your batteries in a cool, dark place so you don't run out of batteries
  • Make sure you check for corrosion before use
  • Never mix batteries

Battery corrosion can significantly reduce the power output of a trolling motor. If you do have corrosion, you can easily clean it with a mixture of water and baking soda.



Conclusion How to Choose A Lithium Battery For Your Trolling Motor 

We have discussed the benefits of a 12 volt lithium battery for trolling motor. So, no one denies these advantages in industries and other sectors.

Though these batteries are an expensive option, nothing is worthier than lithium batteries. The batteries have a longer lifespan than traditional batteries. It means you will not need to replace the battery for many years. So, you will never think that the cost is more for lithium batteries.

Suppose you are just running the trolling motor for the first time. Then noting is better than the best lithium battery for trolling motor. Similarly, if you want high performing battery, lithium is number one.


FAQs About Trolling Motor Battery

What type of lithium battery is best for trolling motors?

Commonly 12 V cheapest lithium marine batteries are the best option for trolling motors. While if you have to run the motors for a long time. Then it is better to use lithium iron phosphate.

Will a boat motor charge a lithium battery?

Yes, a boat motor is the best option to charge the battery. So, make sure to charge the battery after coming back home. No doubt it is the best habit, so continue it.

What size battery is good for a trolling motor?

The best battery for trolling motors is 12 volt lithium battery with 110 amp hours. In common, this size is 27 or more. When the rating hours are more, it means the run time is more.

Is a 50AH lithium battery enough for a trolling motor?

Yes, this battery is an ideal choice for trolling motors. The reason for more use and fame of battery is its low weight and cost-effectiveness. The best lithium battery for the trolling motor may run for 4-8 hours.

Can you use a Minn Kota charger for lithium batteries?

Yes, it is possible and easy for you to charge your lithium battery with a Mini Kot charger. Another name for this charger is the Precision charger.

Are lithium trolling batteries worth it?

Yes, lithium batteries are the best and most worthy option. The lifespan of such batteries is ten times more than that of traditional batteries. So, you may save your money for a long time. But keep in mind that lifespan may change based on manufacturer and use.

What will a 200-ah lithium battery run?

The average run time of 200Ah batteries ranges from 1 hour to 200 hours. The 1 hour is for 2000W devices, and 200 hours are for 10W devices.

What size battery do I need for a 55 LB thrust trolling motor?

For a 55 lbs. or less thrusting motor, it is recommended to use one 12-volt battery. While for motors above 55 lbs., it is good to use two 12-volt batteries.

What size of lithium battery is best for a fish finder?

Commonly the 12-volt battery is an ideal option for fish finders and depth meters. In comparison, the run time of the battery may change based on the brand and type.

How often should I charge my trolling motor battery?

It is suggested to charge the trolling battery in the offseason. In these seasons, the power flows through the battery continuously. You may also charge the batteries after each month. Never keep your battery uncharged for a long time. Otherwise, it will reduce performance and lifespan.

Should you leave your boat plugged in all the time?

No, you should not keep the charge in the boat for a long time. Otherwise, there will be more chances of corrosion and rate of discharge.

Why do you need two batteries for a trolling motor?

When you have two batteries for trolling motors, it means there is more power and energy to run the engine. Therefore, the trolling motors can run continuously.


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