Series and Parallel Expansion of LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries

Looking to check the expansion of LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries? Read further to learn about the series and parallel connection. Learn both connections increase the life of lithium batteries!


Are you curious about the life of Lithium Batteries? Do you want to know what connection can expand it? If you know what is a lithium battery, then you must be wondering about increasing its expansion rate. Well! It is a complex task to expand battery life. It is not easy to connect batteries in series and parallel. People think of the connection between a series and a parallel circuit.

But you have to look at some factors before connecting batteries. This way, you may ensure the safety and maintenance of batteries. It is time to know about different measures for Lithium Batteries. But first, you need to know the series and parallel circuits.

How to charge LiFePO4 batteries?

Why Need to Connect the Lithium Batteries in Series or Parallel?

Many people need clarification about why they need to connect two batteries. The simple answer is that two batteries have more voltage and capacity. That is why many companies use a combination of lithium batteries. They use two or more batteries. This combination may cover the 12 volt lithium battery power needs of the equipment.

Remember that parallel-connected batteries may discharge quickly. In comparison, the series-connected batteries take some time to discharge. You may connect two or more batteries. But the output voltage of each battery will be the same.

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Series Connection of LiFePO4 Batteries

In a series connection, the batteries are connected in a sequence. Thus, many series-connected lithium ion battery give high voltage output. Connect the +ve terminal of the battery to another -ve terminal. This connection remains until the required voltage is attained.

  • However, the capacity of many batteries remains the same. It works the same as the capacity of a single battery. Only the voltage increase in many batteries connection. A series connection is an ideal option. So if you need high voltage, use a series connection. The examples are:
  • Electric vehicles
  • Solar systems
  • Backup supplies

Advantages of Series Connection

Some common benefits of series-connected ionic lithium batteries are:

1. Higher voltage output:

Once you connect many cells in a series, it means the output voltage will be high. So, this connection is the better option for high-voltage applications.

2. More efficient energy storage:

When the batteries are connected in series, it means each battery or cell has an equal load. So, it ensures the same rate of charging and discharging of a cell.

Risks Involved In Series Connection

Some common risks of series-connected batteries are:

1. Risk of overcharging:

Sometimes the cells don't have the same capacity in a connection. It means these cells are at risk of over-charge. As a result, it will cause an imbalance in the output voltage of the lithium AA battery.

2. Decreased capacity:

As we have discussed that only voltage increases in the series batteries. The capacity remains the same for the single cell. But, the capacity of batteries remains the same.

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Parallel Connection of LiFePO4 Batteries

Now is the time to discuss parallel connected batteries. In this connection, batteries are not connected in series or lines. This connection requires the linking of positive and negative terminals. This way, the connection enhances the total capacity of batteries for lithium battery recycling.

Moreover, parallel-connected 12 volt lithium battery have an equal load. So, this equality shows improvement in capacity. While the voltage in parallel batteries is the same as the voltage in a single cell. However, this connection is an ideal option where more capacity is required. These include:

  • Off-grid solar system
  • Lithium Car battery
  • Electric vehicles
  • Backup power supplies

Advantages of Parallel Connection

The following are some major benefits of parallel-connected lithium marine batteries:

1. Increased capacity:

Once you connect many cells in a parallel connection, it means the output capacity will be high. So, this connection is the better option for applications which require more capacity.

2. Reduced risk of overcharging:

The plus point of parallel connection reduces the risk of overcharging. However, the reason is that each battery charges and discharges quickly.

Risks Involved In Parallel Connection

Not only benefits, parallel connected batteries have some cons:

1. Lower voltage output:

The voltage in parallel batteries is the same as in a single cell.

2. Less efficient energy storage:

Though each cell in parallel connection discharges and charges separately. So there is some change in the charging state. As a result, it shows lower energy storage.


4 Best Ways To Charge a LiFePO4 Battery

Charging Lithium Battery in Parallel - 3 Aspects to Keep in Mind

  1. You can't charge one Lithium ion battery with protection plates and one without plates. Make sure to charge batteries with plates. Otherwise, the batteries will damage because of overcharging.
  2. Before charging the lithium ion batteries in parallel, you should remove the protection board. Moreover, Make sure to use a united board for safe charging.
  3. You have a battery without a protection board. You should only keep the voltage at 4.2 V. However, never increase this voltage to 5 V.

Quick Insight - Differences between Series and Parallel


Series Lithium Batteries Circuit

Parallel Lithium Batteries Circuit


More voltage is required in a series circuit.

Voltage should be equal to each point.


The current should be the same at every point.

Current should be additive in every point.

Current Paths

Only 1 path is needed

Two or more paths are needed

Battery Status

The battery may discharge slowly

Battery quickly discharge

Brightness of Bulb

Brightness may be dimmer if we add more bulbs

Blubs might become brighter if we add more voltage


Use in circuit breakers and fuses connections.

Use in several household electronics.

Expansion of Breaks in Circuit

The whole circuit becomes useless.

If one bulb fuses, the rest will work.

Comparison between Series and Parallel Connections of LiFePO4 Batteries

Till now, you get an idea about the benefits and cons of both connections. Now is the time to check some equalities and differences.


Ability to increase battery performance:

Both connections improve the performance of lifepo4 battery.

Use in various applications:

Another main application is that both connections are used in many applications. Moreover, these include boats, solar systems and RVs.


Voltage output:

Series connection increases the total voltage of the pack. In comparison, the parallel connection increases the total capacity. In this connection, the voltage remains the same.


Parallel connection increases the capacity of the pack. While the series connection increases, the voltage and capacity remain the same.


A parallel connection has more efficiency compared to a series connection. However, the reason is that parallel-connected batteries charge and discharge separately.


Parallel-connected batteries are costly compared to series connections. The reason is that there is more need for wiring and hardware in parallel connection. This way, the connection ensures safety and high performance.

When We Need to Connect Batteries in Series to Parallel?

Though there are many reasons which show both connections are helpful, however, the main reason is that these connections double the capacity and lithium AA batteries. Not only this, but the connections may also increase voltage.

Let’s take an example to explain this case:

When you have 6 batteries, each with 12 volt lithium battery and 200Ah or 100Ah lithium battery. Now you need to increase the voltage to 24 V and capacity to 600Ah. Make two sets with three batteries in each set using lithium golf cart batteries. Now connect two sets in series and then in parallel. In the end, you will get 24V voltage and 600Ah capacity. Ultimately same goes well with the 36 volt lithium battery.

The number of batteries is unlimited. Increase the life by using a lithium battery charger to get more voltage and capacity.

Matters Needing Attention in Parallel and Series Connections

You have to connect 12v lithium battery in both connections. In this manner, make sure to consider the following factors:


Make sure to choose a lithium ion battery fires FDNY with Consistency or the same features. However, these may be capacity and age. Check all factors before making a connection.  


Make sure to check the charging of batteries. This way, you may avoid overcharging batteries and maintain balance.


Make sure to wire the connections between lithium-ion battery. This way, you may avoid short circuits and other issues.


Make sure to insulate the battery pack. However, it is vital to ensure the safety of the operation and connection.


In the end, you must remember that series vs parallel connections are common. Both connections are role players in improving performance. Not only this, the connections are common in many applications.

Never try to connect two opposite batteries, such as a new and an old one. Always connect similar battery lifepo4 12v with steady performance. After connecting batteries, make sure to follow preventive measures. However, you may maintain the battery and improve its life!


What is the difference between series and parallel LiFePO4?

The major difference is the ability of the battery system. Also, the effect of voltage on the wiring is also a basic difference in both connections.

Do LiFePO4 batteries expand?

Yes, lifepo4 lithium battery may swell upto two times the actual size. However, it is the main physical change in the batteries. 

Is it better to connect lithium batteries in series or parallel?

Yes, it is a good idea to connect two or more batteries in series or in parallel. However, make sure to use a similar model of the battery with equal voltage.

What is the advantage of batteries in series vs parallel?

The main benefit of series-connected batteries is that they are long-lasting. Moreover, another benefit is that series batteries have the same amount of runtime.

Can I charge two LiFePO4 batteries in parallel?

It is suggested to charge each battery. After that, connect the batteries in parallel. When the batteries are charged, make sure to check the voltage using the voltmeter.

Do you need help discharging a LiFePO4 battery fully?

Though battery lifepo4 maybe 100% discharged, it is recommended to discharge the battery up to 80%. This way, you may enhance and maintain the battery life.

How do you extend life in LiFePO4?

The only best way to extend battery life is to charge the battery at the required rate. It means that you should not charge the battery at 100% SOC for a long time.

Should you keep LiFePO4 batteries charged?

It is not recommended to keep batteries at 100% SOC. However, make sure to charge the battery after 6-12 months and keep it at 50% SOC.


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